Bodangora Wind Farm near Wellington, NSW comprises of 113MW (33 wind turbines) developed by Infigen Energy. The power generated by this wind farm connects to the Transgrid 132kV network via the Wellington to Beryl Transmission line and the Wind Farm Sub Station.

Transgrid engaged fellow Quanta Services Company – Consolidated Power Projects (CPP) as the principal contractor. CPP designed and constructed the 33/132kV sub station and Quanta Lines delivered the line construction work, required to connect the wind farm to the Transgrid network.

Key Challenges

The project has presented considerable challenge with hard rock being found in most foundation locations. This has required QL to redesign and certify foundations at short notice and use a variety of means to excavate foundations.

The remote location of this project has presented challenges in terms of logistic support. This has led NJC to develop plans that consider the long lead times to deliver items as well as the capacity limitations of local suppliers.

Key words – Transgrid, transmission, renewables

Completed 4 months (November 2017)

Clearing and Access Track Preparation

8km of 132kV Transmission Line Construction on concrete structures

Test and Commission